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New Construction


Thinking About Building a Custom Home?

Deciding to build a new home is an important personal and financial decision. Kenny understands that, and strives to make the building process an enjoyable one by having an excellent client relationship. Having a successful client relationship works both ways. It allows both Kenny and the homeowners to share ideas, suggestions, and concerns throughout the building process; resulting in a home both Kenny and you, the homeowner, can be proud of.


Where Do We Build?

We mostly build homes in the Sevier, Blount, Knox, Loudon, and Jefferson County area of East Tennessee. Cities we have built custom homes in include Seymour, Maryville, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Dandridge, and Knoxville. Our main priority is building a quality home, and increased distance limits that capability, but we may consider building outside of these areas on an individual basis.

Design and Estimate Phase

During this time, we will meet to discuss your desires for your new home. It is very helpful for you to bring magazine articles, floor plans, and any other ideas you have so we can begin to visualize the end product.

When a house plan has been selected we will begin estimating the project based on your selection of materials, such as carpet, hardwood, granite, etc. It is crucial to know what you want in the home up front to give an accurate estimate.

After completion of the estimate, we will arrange a meeting to go over each category and allocate allowances which will ultimately make up the cost of the project. The contract can be signed at this time if you are satisfied with the estimate.


Pre-construction Phase

After signing the contract agreement, all necessary building permits will be acquired. This may take a few days or couple weeks until we are ready to break ground.


Construction Process

Let the building begin!

  • Foundation- the house-seat is dug out, footing are poured, and foundation installed

  • Framing- all walls, floors, and roof are framed

  • Exteriors- brick, stone, siding, shingles, windows, and doors are added at this time

  • Rough-in- wiring, plumbing, security, and HVAC systems are all installed during this phase. Basically any system hidden within the walls

  • Insulation- once all rough-ins are complete, the walls and ceilings are insulated ensuring energy efficiency

  • Drywall- drywall is installed and sanded in preparation for trim and paint

  • Trim- Crown mouldings, baseboards, and interior doors are added at this stage

  • Painting- Let your personality come out during this fun phase!

  • Flooring- All of your flooring selections will be installed by this stage.

  • Cabinets- at this time all kitchen and bath cabinetry will be installed

  • Fixtures- Lights, plumbing fixtures, appliances, countertops are installed

  • Landscaping- the yard is prepared for sod or seed and planting materials are installed


Completion Phase

During this time we will conduct a final walk-through to make sure each item on the punch-list is addressed before the closing.

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