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I have been with Home Federal Bank of TN for over 25 years.  For over 20 of these years, I have worked with Kenny Guffey  Construction Company. Mr. Guffey has always followed through on any commitment he has given me.  His craftsmanship is high quality and  detailed oriented, which produces a beautiful home with structural integrity and  beautiful curb appeal. I have been honored to work with Mr. Guffey from the lending area as well as on parade of homes projects and home builders organizations.   I have inspected his homes in all phases of construction and his job site is always open for unannounced visits. Mr. Guffey, as well as his employees, have always presented themselves in a very professional  manner.

Leslie Atchley
Home Federal Bank of TN
Mortgage Originator

After selecting a set of house plans, my search for a contractor began. It seemed to me that the standard method of gathering three estimates and going with the low bid was seriously flawed. All contractors are not the same, and the homeowner, not the contractor, determines the cost of the house.  The characteristics I was looking for in a contractor was honesty, dedication to quality, and a great “eye” for detail. My search stopped when I met Kenny Guffey. Kenny exceeded my expectations in a home builder. The normally stressful time of building a house was actually fun and rewarding. The best testament I could give Kenny came a few years after building our first home. We decided to relocate to a nearby town. There was no question who would build our second home, and I was just as happy with Kenny the second time as the first. Building a house is a big decision. A lot of stress, effort, and money goes into it. You deserve a contractor who will be honest, not cut corners, and build your house to be the envy of the neighborhood. Do what I did. Hire Kenny.

Jim and Connie Bales, Maryville, Tennessee

“My husband and I had planned to build a new home and were near the conclusion of final architectural plans when an older home on property adjoining ours came up for sale. The location was spectacular and the home’s basic layout was very similar to what we’d hoped to build, so we changed course, bought the house and set out to undertake a total renovation. It was important to us to find a contractor with experience in both new construction and remodeling and, in particular, one who would be comfortable with figuring things out as we went along, as we did not want the delay and cost of another set of architectural plans. Kenny Guffey turned out to be the perfect choice. Unlike new construction, any renovation project as extensive as ours is going to present unexpected challenges. In addition, we had lots of ideas of our own (some excellent, some not). Kenny and his team were always willing to listen, often came up with innovative ideas of their own and never hesitated to bring in other expertise, when needed, to ensure the best results. Kenny himself is an experienced builder, but his greatest asset is the team of employees he has recruited over the years. Each is skilled in multiple building trades and crafts and they work extremely well together. This added to the “quality control” aspect of our project, as each of his team feels responsible for the whole job and each pays attention to work performed by others.”

Jim and Michelle Valkenaar, Loudon, Tennessee

Kenny Guffey Construction and Mr. Kenny Guffey, GC, are pleasant and professional to work with on construction projects. Even when in difficult situations, Mr. Guffey never looses his cool and always acts with a professional demeanor. He probably has gained this ability through his long decades of construction experience. He has trained his sons in a similar manner, and they also provide outstanding skills to his projects. Kenny Guffey Construction provided their excellent work on a recent project in Sevierville, TN, for a Client of my firm's and Kenny always made his decisions in the best interests of our mutual Client. My firm highly thinks highly of Kenny Guffey Construction and knows that they can help just about anyone needing a great Contractor on their project. Highly recommended. We look forward to the possibility of having him build more projects of ours in the future. By the way: we are an architectural firm and don't make such positive reviews without good cause.

Rand Soellner, home architects

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